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The Biker Barn carries a large line of Motorcycle Trailers to help transport and protect your precious two wheeled companion. Open motorcycle trailers are the perfect way to showcase your ride, and they’re a great option for casual bikers. For extended trips or for extra protection, consider an enclosed motorcycle trailer. Plus, enclosed trailers offer options that let you store spare parts, tools and helmets.

There are times when you want a motorcycle trailer to haul your bike instead of riding it. This might be because of inclimate weather or because you’re taking a trip with the family and want to ride with them in your vehicle instead of being out on the highway in the elements. You want to be sure you choose the right trailer to protect your motorcycle. Motorcycle trailers are also great if you need to transport several bikes for a family outing or a get together with your friends.

You first need to decide the size of the motorcycle trailer you will need. How many bikes will you be hauling? Are you the only one in your circle of friends with a truck that can haul a trailer? If you like to go on trips with your biking friends at least three times a year it might be wise to get a larger trailer to hold all those bikes. If you’re just hauling dirt bikes or smaller motorcycles you may be able to get a smaller motorcycle trailer.

Think about the type of motorcycle trailer you want, whether an open or enclosed trailer would be best for you. You may live in a rural area and go through heavily populated cities infrequently. In this case an open trailer may make the most sense for you. If you like to take road trips you’ll be parking your trailer in the city quite often and you may want an enclosed trailer to prevent theft or vandalism. You don’t want to stop for lunch only to return to your vehicle to find your cargo damaged or stolen. On the other hand you may have a business that could benefit from an open trailer, such as landscaping or pool maintenance. If you do use the trailer for your business you have the added advantage of a possible tax deduction for the use of the trailer.

The weight of the motorcycle trailer is crucial, too. If you’ll be driving in the north Georgia mountains or other rugged terrain you will want a trailer that is as stable as possible. A trailer that is not the proper weight for your vehicle or that is not balanced will ride roughly, dipping and weaving all over the road. This would be quite dangerous on winding mountain roads and could cause you to lose control. A large, heavy trailer would be inappropriate and even dangerous for a light duty truck or a car. It’s important to choose a motorcycle trailer that is the proper size and weight for your vehicle.

Choosing a motorcycle trailer isn’t something to be taken lightly. Your life could literally depend on it. At the Biker Barn in Blairsville, Georgia, you’ll be able to look through enclosed motorcycle trailers, open models, and motorcycle trailers with a variety of weights and axles. Our expert associates can help you choose the right motorcycle trailer that will suit your needs and keep you and your bike safe.

At the Biker Barn, we also carry open & enclosed car trailers, cargo & landscape trailers and equipment trailers.
People who often haul motorcycles, cars & ATV”s or other equipment usually have strong opinions about getting an enclosed trailer. With a enclosed trailer, you can say goodbye to scratches, nicks and dents on your prized possessions.

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