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Once you’ve chosen a motorcycle trailer that is right for your vehicle and your load, it’s important to learn how to transport it safely and make sure that nothing goes wrong that could injure you or damage your cargo.  After all, your bike is one of your most valuable investments and you want to keep it safe.  More importantly, you want to keep the trailer in good shape so that your health and even your life is not in danger.

As with any other type of vehicle it’s important to make sure your trailer’s lights are in good working order.  Before every trip you must check to be sure that the tail lights, turn signal indicators and brake lights are in perfect working order.  It seems a small thing but if your brake lights aren’t working you could get a very rude surprise in the form of a vehicle through the back of your trailer.  You could also get a costly moving violation if all your lights aren’t working properly.  Get a friend to help you test the lights.  This is also a great activity to involve your children in; it makes them feel like an important part of the routine and gives them confidence knowing you trust their eyes and efficiency. You must also need to know the right size ball for your receiver. All trailers come with different size balls.

Make sure that your trailer is clear of debris both inside and out.  Soda cans and other trash inside the trailer can damage your motorcycle.  It’s disheartening to remove your bike from the trailer only to see scratches on that beautiful finish.   The outside of the trailer should be kept clean and free of trash that might fly off and litter the roadway or land on the windshield of a vehicle behind you.

When loading your motorcycle it’s best to have a ramp that is firmly seated and level with the trailer for safe and easy loading.  Having a friend or family member inside the trailer is even better!  Make sure the ramp is stable and won’t wobble or move.  There are few things worse than the sinking feeling of knowing you’re losing control of that bike and watching it fall off the ramp.  It is also dangerous; many people are injured trying to catch bikes that are being loaded improperly.  That can really ruin a great road trip.

Once the bike is inside the motorcycle trailer you need to be sure that it is properly placed and secured.  If you are hauling just one bike be sure that it is in the center of the trailer.  You can have a wheel chock installed to stabilize the bike.  Tie it down with a minimum of 4 heavy duty nylon tie-downs with ratchets and metal anchors to secure the bike to the front, back and sides of the trailer as tight as you can get it.  If the bike isn’t in the center its weight will cause the trailer to wobble or weave as you drive.  If you are hauling more than one bike be sure that the weight is evenly distributed.

The Biker Barn in Blairsville, Georgia can help you make sure you know all the safety techniques necessary to have a safe trip with your motorcycle trailer.

You can get all your tie down needs from , such as wheel chocks, soft straps, ratchet straps, D-Rings, and E-Tracking.

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